Hi! My name is Jodi

Coach, Yogi, Photographer, Author, Health Nut, Dreamer,
Freedom seeker, Mother and a lover of life!

Living from my heart and authenticity is truly freeing!
No one’s life is really straightforward, and my journey to pursuing health and a happy life has been no different. I I have lived across Canada, from Southern Ontario where I grew up, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Banff, Alberta, to Vancouver, British Columbia – and a few other places in between! As well as physical travel, my life has been an emotional and mental journey as well.

I have always had a passion for real health, alternative health and have explored many modalities and products. I also discovered early on in life that I had a natural love for preparing healthy, whole foods for people. I enjoyed many moments in the kitchen – baking bread, health foods, creating natural skin care products, preserves and more.

I’ve also loved photography since my 11th or 12th birthday when I received my first camera from my grandparents – a pocket size 110 film camera (yes I am dating myself!)! I loved taking my camera everywhere – even to college where I studied photography.

I have also been one of those people who couldn’t stay in a job long, or has tried several of my own businesses, always to move forward yet not sure of my path. Learned lots, got many certifications, (Reiki Master, Aromatherapy Massage, Akashic Records, EFT, Raw Foods Chef, Human Design to name a few) and attended many other workshops on personal development.

Life can also change in moment, as each moment is a choice in time and what we choose can lead us in a direction further away or closer to our dreams, our passions and who we truly are. Just as in Photography – capture a moment perfectly and you’ve captured an image in time. Miss the moment, and it falls away – the whole picture is changed or lost.

Somewhere along the way, life became overwhelming and I put my camera down. I stopped capturing life through the eye of my lens, and started to lose myself to unhealthy patterns, mostly with an eating disorder, which is also low self esteem and body issues.

I’m here to share that it can all change.

I wanted to leave this world with no regrets, living fully each day, having fun, feeling alive, feeling that juiciness, that orgasmic energy that so often gets lost for many of us. I wanted to travel, play on beaches of the world, create art, take beautiful photographs around the world, take photographs of many beautiful people, do yoga, make love often, eat a lot of superfoods, hang with conscious, healthy, motivating fun people and live more authentically or what I like to call real, raw and natural.

My vision is to help as many women (yes men too) to reconnect with themselves in a loving, authentic, nurturing way –  women that have struggled with self esteem issues, body issues and food issues.
This is YOUR Life!! What lights you up? What feeds your soul?  What gets the creative or orgasmic juices flowing? How does it feel to have a loving, healthy relationship with yourself, food and your body?

Yes you can live in that energy!!  It’s the energy of YOU if you choose!
I love travelling while working, yoga, photography, healthy eating, superfoods, living and being (still far from perfect), dancing , biking, my kids (21 & 22 who are off travelling now),  early mornings, beach time (love the sun, heat and sand), expansion of my consciousness and energy (everything is energy – we so are our thoughts – love this stuff), dancing with my partner to great music, sitting outside under the stars at night, having crazy, wild love making sessions and meeting new like minded people – so reach out to connect and say hi!!
I continue to discover that the difference a second or a decision can make can be the same as taking a photograph. Today is the day we have right now – the present moment– embrace it or you’ll miss it. It’s all about how you view the journey.

Create a Life YOU Love!
If you want to connect with me more, you can find me on Facebook, InstagramTwitter,  Pinterest,  and Flicker.