Hi! My name is Jodi

Yogi, Conscious Awakener, Photographer, Author, Health Nut, ,
Freedom seeker, Mother and a lover of life!

Jodi Burke was born and raised in Ontario, spent many years in Banff, and now that her children are off exploring the world on their own, she spends her time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Mexico.

Jodi has a had several different career paths and is now a certified Yoga teacher and Photographer, was a Raw Foods Chef and an EFT Coach amongst others. As well as this, she has also written several books about Eating Healthy, Raw and Vegan Recipes and also Why We do Yoga, all of which are available through Amazon kindle and also in e-book format on this blog.

When she isn’t Blogging, teaching Yoga or taking Photos, Jodi loves exploring new places, beautiful beaches, markets and places in nature. She also enjoys  learning and growing in the consciousness field and Quantum Physics and massages out under a Palapa.

Jodi still enjoys creating healthy and tasty food in her kitchen yet has moved her focus and energy  on waking people up to a Higher Consciousness around energy, food, body and self love breaking the insanity that has created so much discord.   After years of struggling with an eating disorder herself and has healed, she wants to help as many others as possible to end the battle and wake up to their true nature!

Jodi hopes to continue to help empower women to break free from negative thoughts and feeling they have about themselves and to prevent them becoming slaves to food, so that they can learn to love themselves and live a life of their choosing.

You can contact Jodi Burke, or just follow where she is, latest photos, inspiration and more

Twitter – jodiburke
FB – https://www.facebook.com/burkejodi
IG – https://www.instagram.com/jodiburke16/