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Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy Everything is Energy! Matter is only Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are ALL one Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death – Life is just a Dream and We are the imagination of ourselves. What we imagine ourselves to be is what we physically create!!  – […]

Raw Popcorn

Raw Popcorn   Have you every thought of or eaten Raw Popcorn? It’s probably not what you think!! I was going through my kindle and ebooks that I have on line and realized I had not added many photos – WTH??  So I have been updating them and they are ready with many more photos that […]

Growing & Expanding

Growing & Expanding When we are truly growing and expanding we are bringing Consciousness to our Unconscious patterns and ways of being. Letting go of Fears, Judgments, Lies and Survival. We can build a Depth of Self Awareness that enables us to Live more Fully, Love more Deeply, Communicate more Honestly therefore allowing ourselves to […]

When Life Gets Hard

When Life Gets Hard   When Life gets hard or even stinky sometimes……… Sometimes it’s interesting what the Universe throws at you!! Yet as I say that I have to remember – aren’t we the Universe?? Interesting concept isn’t it? The Universe is actually a feed back loop that shows us what we are truly […]