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How You Love Yourself

How You Love Yourself  How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. Everything you are living is reflected back to you from your every day world. Everything IS Energy – Consciousness is always there, yet we tend to forget it. The more Self Love one can give themselves and be – […]

Slow Down

Slow Down It’s when we slow down, connect with our breathe, be fully present in the now Be still See the beauty in even the smallest of things See Feel Be Love As Everything IS a reflection and an extension of YOU. Your relationship with self, food and your body extends out into the world […]

Higher Vibe Living with Food

Higher Vibe Living with Food   What does Higher Vibe Living with Food truly mean in our food obsessed culture!!? Since being in Mexico I have been on an exploratory journey – clearing much old energy, old programs, wounds etc and diving much deeper into learning about Quantum Physics, who we truly are, unplugging from […]

The Garden

The Garden The Garden of the World has no limits except your mind. Unfuc Yourself – Be Who You were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your light and that created a story. Remember they are just stories with an interesting point of view – is it serving you? The world needs your light […]

Reset Time

Reset Time It’s reset time!! Holy crap I spent the last 5 days laying very low and near the bathroom…….Montezuma’s revenge – somethings only need to be experienced one in life lol  I so appreciate even more so how good I feel on an on going basis!!  Clean eating and living pays off big time. […]

Heart Energy

Heart Energy Heart Energy – coming from unconditional love from the heart.  Not easy in this world as we are taught that logical thinking is the most important thing, yet so many of us are shut down and cut off from our heart. Our heart is the connection to our soul it is also the […]

Your Truth

Your Truth You may or may not know your truth at a core level …..yet……. ‘We are Spiritual beings in a Human body suffering from amnesia’……..we truly forget who we are. We are living in the 3 dimension reality – that everyone adapts to that allows for duality and separation. We have been enslaved in […]

Our Perceptions are Distorted

Our Perceptions are Distorted Our Perceptions are distorted – everything from how we show up in the world, beauty and what that is, our bodies, how we ‘should’ be living, food, and more.  I am and will be focused more on the areas of how we show up in the world, self love and our […]

Soar Like an Eagle

Soar Like an Eagle There is a Conscious part in you.  The pure Self. Learn to listen the voice of that Power. Forget about self-image and self-judgment. It’s about self-love, and no one teaches you that in todays world. Find it from within – Self-Love embodies pure Love – not an egotistical Love. This is […]

Surviving vs Thriving

Surviving vs Thriving   Surviving vs Thriving Do you want to survive or thrive in your life? Each moment we have is a choice – we get to choose how we feel, what we think and how we live our lives.  So what is the difference? Survival choose the path of least resistance settle in […]


Receiving Receiving – how well are you at receiving? Gifts? Compliments? Money? New ideas or ways of doing things? When we aren’t able to receive it’s like having a closed door that we don’t or can’t open – we are literally being closed off.  The other night I was given a personal compliment, which I […]