It doesn’t mean you have to take your clothes off but you can if you want to!!

This has been a project in my mind for a few years and that little voice keeps getting louder and louder as I don’t have any more excuses!!

I caught an on line  interview with people about Eating Disorders recently – it’s worse than I thought.

When I heard that 40% of 9 yr old girls are or have already been dieting and 80% of American women have body image issues-  that is when I said enough – NOW is the time to share my journey, my recovery and do this project so that maybe it could help, guide or change one person’s life for the better.

Raw, Naked and Beautiful is about being real, authentic and beautiful – it’s about being YOU!

Using Photography as a powerful storytelling medium, my goal is to entice audiences into altering their perception of social standards of beauty, perfect bodies & fake advertising!

In the past, my own struggle with an eating disorder and distorted view of my body and myself hindered my artistic ambition and my life.

With my triumph over this personal battle, I have been able to come back to me and pick up my camera again.

We are all born naked, pure, innocent and beautiful and somewhere along the way the story got distorted……..

If you or someone you know would like to be part of this project – whether a Photo shoot, sharing your story, inspiration please get in contact with me –

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