Life and Art from a different perspective.

After years of mainly having  soul sucking jobs, then going through the dark night of the Soul, Jodi tapped back into her authentic self and creativity and passion was ignited again.

She first re-acquainted herself with her old love of Photography.  During that time, she found Impressionistic or ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and dove more into that.

She then got introduced to Encaustic and a whole new world opened up t her.

Being a Sagittarius (fire sign) and now working with beeswax and fire, she has learned to surrender to the creativity of working with wax and letting it lead, further learning to trust in the process and be open.

Between her Photography, Encaustic and her book A Story of Our Souls, Jodi loves to share her creativity, life & art from a different perspective and be open to the evolving of it all over time.

When she is not creating art in her studio,  you can find her still in the kitchen creating,  having deep conversations about life and the cosmos,  travelling,  going to markets, hanging at the beach, or hanging with her dog hiking or chillaxin.

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