Life’s’ uniqueness and beauty surrounds us, waiting to be unleashed, especially when you step  onto the path less travelled.  Our life struggles may sometimes make it difficult for us to see this but, it’s there, it’s around us, in us, in everyone and everything.

I came to a space and place in my life where I jut couldn’t ‘work’, chase money or do things that were not aligned any longer.

My Soul wanted to be heard.

My Soul wanted to create.

I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

My passion is to create art form my heart – from the depth of my Soul to bring beauty, healing and awareness to this world – from a different perspective, breaking down barriers within and to awaken your own Soul.

For me, Photography is not just a means to an end; it can be a transformative storytelling tool with the power to heal, inspire and awaken.

The inspiration for my art comes from exploring and seeing the world thru the lens with a different perspective – whether it’s my Photography or  Life – bringing in more Consciousness – sharing all the ways we create separation from within ourselves.

Born and raised in Ontario, I now spend my time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Mexico or travelling the cosmos.

You can contact Jodi, or just follow what I am creating, latest photos, books, inspiration and more here!




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