Life’s’ uniqueness and beauty surrounds us, waiting to be unleashed, especially when you step  onto the path less travelled.  Our life struggles may sometimes make it difficult for us to see this but, it’s there, it’s around us, in us, in everyone and everything.

“I know this because I’ve been there. I’ve been through the struggles, the pain and the selective blindness towards life’s beauty. I know it may be difficult seeing this beauty, yet that is why I have decided to capture it through photography and reflect it back to you.

After putting my camera down for too many years, I’m back playing.

–  Jodi Burke

For Jodi, photography is not just a means to an end; it can be a transformative storytelling tool with the power to comfort, heal, and inspire.

The inspiration for her art comes from exploring and seeing the world thru the lens with a different perspective – whether it’s her Photography or  Life – bringing in more Consciousness – sharing all the ways we create separation from within ourselves – a form of being a modern day Mystic.

After many years of trying to fit into the ‘norm’ or running from herself, Jodi filled many roles– from Waitress to Banker, Photographer, Holistic Massage Specialist, EFT Coach, Raw Foods Chef, Yoga Teacher, Green Foods Promoter,  Film Set Decorator, Akashic Record reader finally she knew her Soul was calling her to step into her truth – part of her awakening.

Born and raised in Ontario, she now spends her time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Mexico or travelling. You can often find her exploring local markets, doing yoga, relaxing at the beach, out in nature, photographing  creating in the kitchen, or studying up on the intricate, mystical strings that hold our universe together.

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