Hi! My name is Jodi

Conscious Awakener, Photographer, Author, Yogi, Blogger, Health Nut,
Freedom seeker, Mother and a lover of life!

I am here to stand in my beauty, my uniqueness and reflect that back to you. There is nothing better than to see the beauty in everything, everyone and everywhere as it’s a reflection and reminder to us to see it, and I get to capture that moment in time with my camera.

After putting my camera down for too many years, I’m back playing.  – Jodi Burke

For Jodi Burke, photography is not just a means to an end; it is a transformative storytelling tool with the power to comfort, heal, and inspire. From behind her camera lens, she is dedicated to empowering women and promoting radical self love. Having struggled for years with body image and disordered eating, Jodi feels a deeply personal call to shatter society’s narrative about women’s bodies. She’s here to help women break free of negative thinking, self doubt and create a higher consciousness around food, energy,  and the incredible power of fully inhabiting your own body.

Living for the thrill of new experiences, Jodi has filled many roles– from Waitress to Banker, Photographer, Holistic Massage Specialist, EFT Coach, Raw Foods Chef, Yoga Teacher to green foods promoter and diving deep into the world of alternative therapies, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Akashic Records and Cryptos.

She believes each of these paths have led her to a place where can can channel her energy into creative expression and inspiration.  She has also knows the struggles intimately with an eating disorder and body image and feels it’s time to really help women awaken to their truth!

Her mission is to help Empower Women (People) to step into Their Truth and to See Their Beauty.

Her aim with all her content is about real nourishment for the body, mind and soul…….taking one possibly down the road of taking the red pill……..

Born and raised in Ontario, she now spends her time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Mexico or travelling. You can often find her exploring local markets, doing yoga, relaxing at the beach, out in nature, photographing something or someone, sharing cryptos, creating healthy dishes in th kitchen, doing the Akashic Records or studying up on the intricate, mystical strings that hold our universe together.

You can contact Jodi Burke, or just follow where she is, latest photos, inspiration and more

Twitter – jodiburke
FB – https://www.facebook.com/burkejodi
IG – https://www.instagram.com/jodiburke16/ 

Portfolio – http://jodiburke.ca