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Doors Of Perception

Doors Of Perception     This was the theme for my recent show in Ajijic – actually just outside Ajijic in San Antonio Mexico that will be up for the month of May. So if you live in the area and missed it – you are not too late – come out and see it. […]


  Are just an interesting point of view, it doesn’t mean they’re true! At any time can one open a door to a new possibility, a different reality, a different frequency. At any time can one let go of old stories, hurts judgments shame guilt pain and choose a different door. For all of those […]

Dance by the Light of the Moon

As she danced by the light of the moon, she found more of herself. When was the last time you dance barefoot in the grass or sand, under the light of the moon with music playing in the background and you got so lost in the music, in the twirling and whirling of dancing, in […]

Anger, Judgments etc

Anger, Judgments etc   If we start understanding that everything is energy and we are all connected then getting angry at someone is in fact an emotional trigger. It took me awhile to realize I create EVERYTHING in my world, and people and events that trigger an emotion of a lower vibration (anger, resentment, frustration, […]

What If………

What If…….    every relationship was to reflect pieces back of yourself to yourself? What you liked and what you didn’t like you see in another and what you see that you like you be more of and what you see that you don’t like you look at what judgment, point of view or story […]

Ever Need a Hug…….

Ever Need a Hug…… from nature? That all supportive, non-judgmental loving warmth of an embrace just the way you are no matter! Nature doesn’t judge it’s too busy being alive with life. Put down all the technology aka cell phone and go spend some time in nature and see how you fel afterwards!! Jodi PS […]

F*@# this World, I’m………

Fuck this World Im going to Wonderland!! My Soul wants me to play more with all this insanity going on so I can tap into my creativity more and create art from the heart. Creative expression can then flow to me and thru me allowing it to be birthed!! How are you nurturing your Soul […]

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Breaking out of your comfort zone is the pathway to growth. Sometimes we just need to do things differently! Break through the illusion of safety so magic can happen!! Jodi  

Feeling Crazy??

Feeling Crazy?? Some people ever go crazy – what truly horrible lives they must lead!!      –  Charles Bukowski We re here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us!      –  unknown Don’t be offended when people tell you you’re crazy.  Use […]

New Book Release

New Book Release It’s true – the book – A Story of Our Souls is finally live!! The outline of this book came to me after being sick for 3 weeks and surrendering to just being. Something that has not always come easy to me yet I have been learning to slow down. This time […]

People of Antigua

People of Antigua   People fascinate me. I love people watching and I am alway curious about who they are, what kind of lives they have etc It was no different being in Antigua.     Other countries fascinate me – how they live, their cultures etc It leaves me with many questions – which […]