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A Taste of Antigua

A Taste of Antigua   Just a few of the many photos I took – enjoy!!   If you’ve never been then I highly recommend to go. Antigua is about 45 mins outside of Guatemala City.     It’s beautiful, different, very old and has some amazing history.     Not to mention great cafes […]

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror   Mirror Mirror on the wall Who is the fairest one of all You are my dear I am? Yes As your outside world is just a reflection of Your inside world Therefore, always choose Love Starting with self And watch what happens in your life as long as the Love is pure……….. […]

Your Soul

Your Soul   There is a light in your heart Ready to be lit There is an emptiness In your Soul Ready to be filled Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It’s time…….. Answer the stirring, As it’s your Soul Calling Calling you back home It’s time Reach out They are there Waiting […]

A New Chapter

A New Chapter   Learn to trust the next chapter because you know the author So be true to you A new chapter can start any time you choose once you stop re-reading the last chapters……… after all it is YOUR life Jodi xo

Unpacking – Letting go

  Unpacking – Letting Go  I finally learned That the ‘spiritual journey’ had little to do with doing yoga, being nice eating healthy wearing the right labels needing a label for identity or conformity………. It’s all about self discovery letting go of the past the hurts the regrets the should haves and being able to […]

Time to Start Unpacking

Time to Start Unpacking   In life and living the choice is always ours to whether or not to leave our baggage as is or to unpack it The baggage represents all our past hurts, regrets, deceptions, traumas and more They are over done except by holding on to the story the energies stay alive […]

Could It Be……

Could It Be……..     It is not our truth or our path to suffer, We have just forgotten, We are more powerful than we know, and we can chose things that help ease the journey, that allow us to live our passion and grow, To be our truth and express who we be Could […]

Where is the Love

Where is the Love Love is a vibration Yet we are taught to go seeking Love Outside of ourself, The truth is beautiful one, You are LOVE Your job is to remember that When you do – it will set you Free Feel the Love Breath it in As anything less than Love are lies […]

Let That Shit Go

Let That Shit Go   What comes from the deepest part of me? The things that long to connect with me to set me free. Free of limitations, constructs, programs, old stories or anything else that denies me my truth, my being, my existence or my power. When did I supress myself? When I bought […]


Reading   The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page.     –  Augustine of Hippo I love to travel, yet when I really want to escape, I read a book.   –  Jean Craighead George

Old Mexican Buildings

Old Mexican Buildings     Just took a 5 day little trek to the ocean for some fun in the sun – ok the beach!! On the way there we went to an old as in 200 yrs old garment factory that the front has been restored on and an open theatre has been created. […]