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Getting Started in Raw Foods

What is Raw Foods? – uncooked – it’s not heated above 118F / 42C – it’s fresh and unprocessed – organic as much as possible Why not cooked foods? Cooked foods actually destroys all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, oxygen rich & enzymes which is the life force or ’spark of life’. It becomes dead food, […]

6 Minutes to Success

6 Minutes to Success Could that really be true?? Well, I have liked very much what I have seen in the first set of FREE videos, that I want to share with you. As, if this is all you do, it will add value to your life. Then if you like, you can pay $1 […]

Aren’t You Worth a Better Life???

Conditions of People For the last several weeks, I have been educating myself in an area, I hate to admit, but I knew little about……..finances. Now, we all think we know things, but in reality most of us don’t, as 85% of Canadians are in debt, spending $1.45 for every $1 we earn and I […]

Eric Worre with Les Brown

What a great interview.  Yes, it is mostly with Network Marketing, but the message under neath from Les is great. We all have brilliance (or greatness) inside of each of us, it’s time to let the light shine!!! Make it your time to, enjoy!! JB Watch video

Some Fun at the Olympics

We headed into Vancouver yesterday and had some fun soaking up the atmosphere around the Olympics. Downtown Vancouver had people everywhere………who were there doing the same thing and having fun, the energy was great. It was sunny, people were in good moods, buskers entertaining, busy on the closed streets, musicians playing, line ups for things […]

Hey Canadians…..We're in Debt!!!

And what are we or should I say you going to do about it???  eh?? I guess we always think that it’s just us or the grass looks greener on the other side, but not according to this recent article and report, if you’re in debt……you’re not alone!! Average Canadian family debt reaches $96,100 in […]

Wrong Area

Ever get off in the wrong area? This is just slightly embarrassing but at the same time funny and if I can’t laugh at myself who can I laugh at!!! So, the other day I had to go into Vancouver. From where I live on the Sunshine Coast, that is about a 20 minute drive, […]

My 2 cents on Arbonne

Being a former Rep with Arbonne, I just wanted to add my two cents worth after seeing so much on the net in regards to their filing of Chapter 11. At least it wasn’t Chapter 7 Bankrupcty!!! It truly does amaze me the amount of negative publicity but also the uneducated……people commenting that it is […]