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Tapping World Summit

Here is some exciting news for you…the doors for the 2010 Tapping World Summit are officially open! This is a free online event that last year had over 81,000 people in attendance. This is the biggest event in the EFT / Tapping world. The event features some of the top EFT / Tapping practitioners in […]

The Olympic Torch

Ken and I have moved twice in the last year, 2 major moves across Canada. As we sat in London Ontario we watched the Olympic torch go through Parksville BC, where we had just moved from. Then several weeks later we moved back to BC and watched the torch go through London. Finally we saw […]

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Look around at our economy. I haven’t really posted anything this week, as I have been busy studying……yes, even at my age. And it’s been a little harder than I thought it would be, it’s dry, a little overwhelming at times, confusing and yet exciting too. I am learning things that I have to honestly […]

15 Smoothies in 3 Mins

If you like Green Smoothies or want to get more greens in our diet, then this is a short, fun video from the Boutenko Family!!! And they are yummy!!! (not to mention good for you). Watch here

Do You Talk to Yourself??

Why things in our live don’t change?? Really? It’s ok to admit it to yourself, we all do it!! (not out loud though!!) We all have at least 60 000 thoughts that go through our head every day, usually the same ones as yesterday and the day before and well, probably the same as a […]

I Love Monday Mornings!!!

I love Monday mornings!!! While most people are up and out the door fighting traffic in rush hour or rushing to catch the bus that is too crowded or having to stand in the subway as they’re packed in like sardines in a can, I get to by pass all of that. It’s a choice […]

Making Money on Line

The Next Bill Gates is the title of the article by Forbes. The article talks about young entrepreneurs who have made fortunes using technology and  they are still making money ‘even when the world is in the throes of economic turmoil, young, innovative entrepreneurs can strike it rich.’ Is it too late for some of […]

Log Roll

Just a short video on a log roll……I have never seen one. What used to be a beach with some logs, well after the recent wind storm, which I apologize for now, as while I was filming it was still windy, so turn down your volume!!!! This just shows you the power of Mother Nature………this […]

For you Mom…..

I picked up the phone and I heard on the other end, ‘ I would come as soon as you can Jodi’. I replied ‘My flight leaves in two days, is that still ok?’ My brothers reply was ‘I would get here sooner if you can.’ I hung up the phone, and stood stunned for […]

Life & Death

Now that is not a deep question is it?? Today, I lost my grandfather or as I called him, papa. (Nov27 2009) It is the same month that I lost my mother 2 years ago. She was the exception to our family it seems, as everyone seems to be living to an old age in […]

Elmer Letterman & Relationship Marketing

Awhile back, I had this interesting experience on Facebook where I met a new friend, we start talking and we realized we were both in networking marketing companies, but I wasn’t familiar with her company or products. She asked if I would like to sample it, so I said sure. I am open, like to […]