My 2 cents on Arbonne

Being a former Rep with Arbonne, I just wanted to add my two cents worth after seeing so much on the net in regards to their filing of Chapter 11. At least it wasn’t Chapter 7 Bankrupcty!!! It truly does amaze me the amount of negative publicity but also the uneducated……people commenting that it is a scham, pyramid and so on………lets be real here now, if it was a pyramid, do you think the Government would know by now???? Then lets look at Corporate America……I will save that for another post one day!!
In looking at the numbers, I was one of many Reps that got started during it’s huge growth spurt. I must admit I did like the products and the simplicity of having one line since owning my own mobile spa at the time. I will also admit I hated doing parties and so did the people where I lived, they would have rather had a root canal done and, well come to think of it, maybe me too!!! That just inns’t me, with all those games and such, now some people are great at it and it shows not me.
I had a team growing, not huge but a good size, I made some money, spent alot more money. Made some nice friends, who alot don’t talk to me now, some still do.
For me, I remember not enjoying it, I will be honest, as quitting was not an option, was told to get out there and talk to everyone and hand everyone an info pac, I really did hate that part. I love meeting new people and making new friends but I didn’t like targeting everyone, not everyone needed or wanted to be in business!
When I did finally decide to step back and quit, it was a hard decision for me, partially because of what is taught to us (quitting is not an option) and because I am not a quitter. I had to be honest with myself though, I didn’t like it, wasn’t enjoying it, had spent alot of money, had lots of product (everyone I knew got Arbonne that Christmas and it took me almost 2 years to use up my products left over) and it was alot of work (not that I am against alot or hard work but…..) and people were starting to avoid me and that really bothered me!
I still remember the day I did quit and was going through all my paper work to get rid of, it felt good. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I wasn’t a quitter, it just wasn’t for me and there is nothing wrong with that.
I know alot of women who had made it in Arbonne, making good money and are enjoying it, and many who have also quit. Just like any other industry out there or company.
It may or may not be a good fit for you.
Just because a company isn’t a good fit, doesn’t mean the profession isn’t good or doesn’t work, does not mean it’s not good. Ever been to a bad restaurant????? Stop going to all restaurants???
I attended many conventions where I met many neat ladies (yes and some snobs too), heard great speakers like Rita Davenport and received some good training.
Here’s hoping they can re-structure and keep going!

Tapping World Summit

Here is some exciting news for you…the doors
for the 2010 Tapping World Summit are officially open!

This is a free online event that last year had over 81,000
people in attendance. This is the biggest event in the
EFT / Tapping world.

The event features some of the top EFT / Tapping
practitioners in the world such as Carol Look, Patricia
Carrington, Brad Yates, Bob Doyle, Carol Tuttle…in fact,
there will be over 18 instructors in all with over 20

You can listen to all of the presentations or just a
few of them, you get to pick the topics that interest

If you’re looking to create prosperity, clarity,
energy focus, better physical and emotional health
and much, much more than you need to register for
this free online event, how this simple, weird, but
really easy, amazing tool can help, you need to
check it out by some of the best.
And the best part is it’s FREE!!

Take a look at my EFT page to get an idea of EFT or Tapping
and click the link to get registered for the Summit and pick which ones you want to listen into.

The best part is you can do it right from your own computer in your own house…….see you there, well sort of!!

The Olympic Torch

Ken and I have moved twice in the last year, 2 major moves across Canada. As we sat in London Ontario we watched the Olympic torch go through Parksville BC, where we had just moved from. Then several weeks later we moved back to BC and watched the torch go through London.

Finally we saw it go through where we are now, and I must say it was pretty neat to see people come out and rally together to support Canada and what an honor it must be to be able to carry the torch for these people.
I have to say though in the back of my mind I kept thinking how much is this costing all of us Canadians??? Didn’t we just get finish paying for the Olympics that Montreal hosted…….in the sixties?????
We’re trucking in snow from 3 hours away as there is not enough snow for the skiing events. I think, ‘in this economy does this make sense???’
Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take anything from the atheletics, I know they have worked and trained hard, but really……..trucking in snow???? When there is people around me that can’t find work.
Plus the cost to attend an event……….lets just say it’s out of reach for most people, or they have saved up for the last couple of years to attend this, either way, I am sure at the price, the events won’t be full.
That aside, I did enjoy seeing the torch come through…..finally in the place we live!

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Look around at our economy.

I haven’t really posted anything this week, as I have been busy studying……yes, even at my age.
And it’s been a little harder than I thought it would be, it’s dry, a little overwhelming at times, confusing and yet
exciting too. I am learning things that I have to honestly say, I know very little about and at my age, that’s kind of embarrassing, but it where I have put my time and energy.
See, for the last decade or so, I have been into holistic health, still am, but that is where I made my money. I owned my own little holistic day spa, got into EFT, botanicial skin care, aromatherapy, raw foods and so on, and now I am studying
finances, investments and insurance……….just a little different.
Look around at our economy.
To help other people (that seems to be a theme here).
To empower myself.
To grow and learn something different.
To challenge myself.

This is the part that isn’t as much fun, but the goal of where we are going and what we will be doing with this far outcedes this part, it’s just part of the process.
I am so willing to go through this, no matter how overwhelmed I am feeling, to become more and not settle for a life of mediocrity.
Now, it may not seem like such a big deal to some of you, but look into your own life and see where you have gotten complacent?
Are you growing or dying?
Living in your comfort zone or expanding yourself?
Only you will know.

I’ll let you know how the exams go!!!

Till then…….challenge yourself!!!

15 Smoothies in 3 Mins

If you like Green Smoothies or want to get more greens in our diet, then this is a short, fun video from the Boutenko Family!!!
And they are yummy!!! (not to mention good for you).

Watch here

Do You Talk to Yourself??

Why things in our live don’t change??

It’s ok to admit it to yourself, we all do it!! (not out loud though!!)
We all have at least 60 000 thoughts that go through our head every day, usually the same ones
as yesterday and the day before and well, probably the same as a year ago.

And we wonder why things in our live don’t change!!

Definition of insanity: Keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.


Hey, if things are going great in your life, then your self talk is probably going well, if not, well…..

Some of those thoughts or self talk could sound like
– I shouldn’t have eaten that.
– I need to lose weight
– I can’t stick to anything (not sticking to NY’s resolutions for instance)
– not enough money
– more not enough money
– how can I pay those bills
– got to pick up the kids
– what about dinner
– oh I’m so tired
– oh I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed
feel free to add a few of your own in here.

What about trying

– I am healthy and alive.
– I am grateful for all in my life.
– I am open to receive abundance and prosperity in my life.
– I am attracting all the right people in my life (or business)
– I am calm and feel great.
– My body is beautiful.
– I love myself.

Just some examples.

Just think for a minute, do any of those (or similar ones), are the thoughts that go through
your mind every day as self talk??

Just say them and feel the difference.

How you feel is everything, you want to feel good no matter what is going on around you as there
will always be something going on.

Start being aware of what kind of self talk you are saying to yourself, see if you can catch yourself and improve it.
Look into the mirror and really say those things to yourself as you look yourself in the eyes, that can have a big impact. It’s also like going to the gym, you just don’t do it once and that’s all, it’s every day.

If it’s too hard, try doing some EFT or Tapping, that can help start it.

It all really begins with you.

Change a thought – Change a lot.

It’s time to stand in YOUR greatness!!!

I Love Monday Mornings!!!

I love Monday mornings!!!

While most people are up and out the door fighting traffic in rush hour or rushing to catch the bus that is too crowded or having to stand in the subway as they’re packed in like sardines in a can, I get to by pass all of that.

It’s a choice and I consider myself rather fortunate at what or how I’ve choosen to start my mornings, loving where I live and being an entrepreneur working for myself allowing me to do this.

After getting the kids off to school my dog Spirit and I head out the door, up a steep little hill at the end of our road to a path that takes us into and through the rainforest.  After about 15 minutes or so, we come out the paths end to the beach.  It is the West coast of Bristish Columbia where we can see Vancouver Island, where we lived for almost 2 years.

After spending the past six months in Ontario, it has given me at least a renewed love for the Coast. Yes it rains alot here sometimes, even this morning as I walked back along the beach it started to drizzle, but it wasn’t snow!!! I could hear the waves beating up against the sand and stones. Before I started back up the road to our house, I stopped and watched a few Eagles as they flew and circled above…….rain what rain??

Returning home has allowed me to come with fresh eyes, loving the beauty that surrounds me.

No matter where you live, there is beauty, there are neat things to see or do.

Try seeing it through different eyes, you just might see something you’ve been missing!!!

Feel free to share what you love about where you live.
These photos were taken at different times!!

Making Money on Line

The Next Bill Gates is the title of the article by Forbes.

The article talks about young entrepreneurs who have made fortunes using technology and  they are still making money ‘even when the world is in the throes of economic turmoil, young, innovative entrepreneurs can strike it rich.’

Is it too late for some of us???!!

It makes me realize that no matter how old we are, if we don’t keep ourselves up to date somewhat on the new technology and that people can and are making money and lots of it right now, we will get left behind, some of us already have been!!!

Kids being born after 1990 won’t know a world without computers or technology, some of us remember the days of of having a channel changer for the tv meant you got up and changed the channel for dad!!

Considering all the ‘more mature’ people I see using ipods, Blackberry’s etc, we can teach ourselves new things.

If this article doesn’t inspire you somewhat to see how you can use technology, the internet, socials sites etc to earn an money, I don’t know what will!!!

Click here to read the article

Log Roll

Just a short video on a log roll……I have never seen one. What used to be a beach with some logs, well after the recent wind storm, which I apologize for now, as while I was filming it was still windy, so turn down your volume!!!!
This just shows you the power of Mother Nature………this was just one area.

For you Mom…..

I picked up the phone and I heard on the other end, ‘ I would come as soon as you can Jodi’.

I replied ‘My flight leaves in two days, is that still ok?’

My brothers reply was ‘I would get here sooner if you can.’

I hung up the phone, and stood stunned for a few minutes as the words left a bit of a sting. I knew what he meant and I was so hoping not.

Later that day as I dropped my kids off to go trick or treating with their friends, I waved goodbye and we drove away heading for the ferry. It was the first Halloween I would miss with them. I was dropped at the ferry where I started my journey, off the ferry onto the city bus to downtown Vancouver, then the airporter out to the airport, where I would have to wait a couple of hours before catching the red eye. It would be one of the longest nights of my life and sleep would not come easily.

I arrived about eight o’clock the next morning in London, Ontario where I was greeted by my brother and father. We stopped for coffee before getting on the highway down to Chatham. We made small talk all the way there, all of us avoiding the one real topic. I remember, as I sat in the back seat, looking out over the flat land, the sky was ever so blue and the leaves were such a vibrant color in the early morning sunlight. Living on the West Coast, our fall colors weren’t as vibrant, I was enjoying the early morning beauty, while sipping on my coffee, trying not to think about what lay ahead.

We pulled into the driveway about an hour later, my dad and brother told me to go inside as they handled my luggage. I opened the door and went in as Louie came down the hall, oh my, he had aged at least 10 years in the three months since I saw him last. He looked at me and came over and gave me a big hug and started to cry. ‘She’s been waiting for you’ was all he said as he started to walk me down the hall. The moment had finally arrived. I remembered being scared, oh so scared and mad, hurt, confused and I just wanted to run and yell NOOOOOOO!

We got to the door and Louie opened it up and said ‘Eve, Jodi is here.’


‘Yes Eve’

In the dimly lit room, there laid my mother in what now seemed to be such a big bed. She opened her eyes and tried to sit up, Louie went over to help and I went over and ever so carefully gave her a big hug. She smiled and we started talking like we always do, the fear, the pain, the anger vanished, my mom was still here, for now.

That evening several of my family came and joined us and my mom got up for awhile. We talked about many things, hidden family secrets and such and laughed, even my mom. It would be the last time my mom really got up for any length of time. Over the next couple of days, so many people stopped by, but with each passing day, she got weaker, in more pain and quieter.

Anyone that has lost a loved one to cancer, you know what they go through. My mom passed away a week later, November 8th, two years ago on my best friends birthday. She was only 61 years old.

It’s funny, the things that I miss that I took for granted. See, I still have three of my grandparents living and I just thought it would always be like that. I miss her mashed potatoes, tuna fish casserole and the Sunday calls, when we would talk about anything and everything while drinking our coffee. I still wait for the phone to ring Sunday mornings.

Never take anything or anyone for granted, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

My mom used to dance like no one was watching.

I hope you’re still dancing like that now mom!!

I miss and love you tons!!


Life & Death

Now that is not a deep question is it??

Today, I lost my grandfather or as I called him, papa. (Nov27 2009)
It is the same month that I lost my mother 2 years ago.

She was the exception to our family it seems, as everyone seems to be living to an old age in my family. I mean, how cool is it at my age to have grandparents still alive? Yes, I still have two grandmothers remaining. My children have gotten to know their Great grand parents, not many can say that. I don’t say that in bragging, but it is something that they will remember their live times and I hope cherish the memories that they do have of them.

So…… got me really thinking today. What is it really all about? I mean, we go to school then get a job and work hard and have 2.5 kids, a dog and a mini van and try and keep us with the Jones. Who are the Jones anyways?
We buy houses that are usally too big and fill them with things…….and we think the more or bigger the things we have the happier we will be. Usually, we go into debt to do so. Or we numb ourselves with the idiot box or now we play these games on the internet just to escape our reality waiting till we get our holiday time so then we can relax.
I am learning that this is called the matrix. Is this really living or called a life?
Because when you die, or you leave this physical experience and your physical body, none of it really matters and you can’t take any of it with you.
If you really aren’t living, then you are dying.
So, what makes you happy? What makes you excited? What pulls at your heart string but you brush it off and say later, or maybe one day. Why not make that one day today, really start living life, a life that has meaning and purpose to you reagardless of what anyone else is doing, thinking or saying (and if it isn’t hurting anyone else).

Life and Death?
I would love to hear your thoughts.