Signs From the Universe

Signs From the Universe

The Table

The Universe is always speaking to us, sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.

  –  Nancy Thayer

The Universe doesn’t answer questions, it simply gives you signs.

  –  Lukas Boyer

When we are paying attention we do get the signs and boy did I get signs while I was in Canada!!!

The Universe doesn’t answer your questions it gives you signs.

IF you are paying attention that is!! 🙂

What I noticed from travelling recently seeing the majority of people plugged into their phones constantly so that they would not probably recognize a sign as they truly aren’t paying attention or present in the moment.

I have nothing against phones  – check in with yourself how often you are truly on or checking your phone – it may surprise you!!


On my trip back to Canada – while on the Sunshine Coast, my friend had a little bit of work to do up the coast in a small town – I didn’t really want to go yet something told me to go (aka I got out of my head and listened to my guidance)


Just before we got to the little town, Sandra pulled over off the highway in a little turn off – it was on a lake and she knew there was a cool chair there that someone had left  – she thought it would be neat prop for my series I am working on.

The Chair by the Lake

As we pulled over, we noticed an older wooden table and chairs and started laughing – oh now this could be interesting we said.


We shot a few photos then jumped back in the car – Sandra said wouldn’t it be cool if we found a vase and a couple of tea cups for the shot.


I said sure but all the stores will be closed as it’s Sunday (it is a little town after all).


Well we stopped at an art store that was open and I was looking around while Sandra went outside and went into the interesting misc store of odds and ends next door – a real old odd second hand store.


What did she find?


An old funky yellow glass vase.


Ok now for tea cups – I said the other second hand stores are not open (or stores).


As we were getting back into the car – a truck pulled up and out jumped a lady who went into the second hand store.  A couple of minutes later she came out, so Sandra jumped out of the car and went over and asked her if we could buy a couple of tea cups.

She said they weren’t open and she didn’t have a float.

Sandra explained what we wanted to do.

She replied with ‘Give me $5 for 2 tea cups ‘ and she disappeared in the store only to reappear 2 minutes later with 2 tea cups and saucers.


The deal was done.

The Tea Cups and Vase


We went back and took some shots.


Later that night as we were looking at the images, I said we should have done this or that to add some interesting perspectives – still good shots but could be better.


The next morning we got up and she said lets go back and see if everything is there.


So smart aleck me says – ok – if the 2 tea cups are still there then I am suppose to do this project and I will jump in and really start working on it.


Well low and behold as we approached not only was the table still there but also the 2 tea cups.


We laughed and Sandra said you forgot to say the vase as well.  Someone took the vase.


As I opened my door to get out of the car there laid a loonie (Canadian $1 coin).


I know a loonie isn’t much yet it was the second sign.


We started laughing.


Sandra said – I heard you set an intention with the Universe and it gave you the signs – I am going to hold your feet to the fire to do this project now.


No worries Sandra – this project is part of the joy of creating and combining Photography with Consciousness – 2 things I do love!!


So I leave you with this thought – where in your life are you not paying attention?


The Universe is always there, always listening and always guiding us IF we pay attention!!

It gives us signs, nudges, (or 2 by 4’s) and allows things to unfold easily.




PS – Sandra is an amazing Physic Medium with a big heart, she has taught me much in the years I have known her and we always have an amazing time together and create magic – she truly listens to her guidance and follows the signs.


If ever you need some direction in your life I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with her!!!

Check out her site here.

Signs from the Universe often Become Mystical





The Universe is God.

I am God,

so that means I am the Universe.

  –  Oscar Wilde

Go Within – That is Where you Find the Truth

I didn’t want to change the quote yet please know it’s also Goddess 🙂

Trust the U-niverse – notice the U or You in front, to have my back.

Oh wait, in the Quantum World – I AM the U-niverse.

Do I trust enough to have my own back?

Maybe it’s time!!



PS As above, so below, as within so without…… that again 🙂

Water is like Consciousness

Water is like Consciousness

Water – is a symbol

Water is the symbol of pure Consciousness.
– Frederick Lenz


Water – Ice – Steam

Our bodies are more than 70% water – easily programmable – shown by Dr Emoto Massaru.

The more aware we become – the more Conscious we become – awareness is Consciousness.

You can change that water into ice – closed heart, fear based, doubt, judgments criticisms etc or you can release all those lower, heavier, denser energies and become more like steam – Higher Vibrations of Love & Light – more etheric, more Joy, more Bliss.

Water in general flows – heathy, clean, pure spring water from Mother Earth is the best – it has not been programmed or tainted. Tap water and bottled water has – what do you choose?

If you are more than 70% water – then you can reprogram from where you are or don’t like or want in your life to what you do – connect with the heart it will guide you  – if you allow it.



PS And let go of that shit – it’s heavy!!

Water is Consciousness

New Energies

New Energies

Great Time to Move into New Energies

The secret of change is to focus al of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new.

  –  Socrates

Your energy introduces you even before you speak.


I keep hearing all of the things people are going through right now on an energy level – sleep disturbances, tiredness, major or minor life challenges, financial challenges, emotions up and down, old memories or crap coming up to be released, not wanting to be out with other people and well I could keep going on……:)

You can find many posts and videos on the energies and new earth on the internet.  Yet this post is more about encouragement than repeating any other info out there and an honouring of how you are feeling.

Some of us, many of us are being awaken to truly step on our paths and start creating from our true divinity and authenticity.

Energies of lies, manipulations cheating and more re being exposed.

People ARE Waking Up!! 🙂


People are waking up to truths or at last knowing something is really off.

People are waking up to the questions – like why am I here? I this really what is life is about?

There has to be something more.

If you are going through any of this, keep going, don’t resist, read what you can, sleep more if you need to, drink more water if you need too, stay in, do whatever and don’t make excuses for any of it.

It’s Ok to Close Some Doors!!!

To create a new or different reality, we have to be willing to be new energies.

To be new energies is to be more of you, the real authentic, beautiful you.

It’s part of the new Earth.

Are you ready?



PS – Love too, much more love!!

I think I heard them say that they like staying in the old energies!!

Attracting Point

Attracting Point

Look at Nature – She Acts Unlimited!!

Think of yourself as a human magnet, constantly attracting what you speak, think AND feel.

  –  unknown

Us human beings are magnets, and as energy works in this U-niverse, we are continually attracting of like – like vibrations on many levels. Whatever or wherever our attracting point is  – is reflected back to us called our life.

Your physical body is charged through the emotional field AND is just a processor for emotions.

E – Motions is Energy in Motion and when it’s not the body is not at ease – DIS-ease and the body is 70% plus water – that is why we need lots of good alive water – not dead like what is sold in those cheap plastic bottles but live from the earth – spring water or you can bring water back to some life via structured water.

The mind is where we have our thoughts that are electrical – that is why we so need minerals – lots of minerals.

And thoughts are Energy too.

The heart is magnetic – it needs lots of Love starting with Self, love for what one does each and every moment, Joy and Gratitude.

Now what does this mean?

Everything is Energy – thoughts become things that is how energy changes form.

Get Creative!!


When we take care of the physical body with lots of water, mineral, love and Gratitude, we can think clearer,  know our purpose, our passions, as we feel good physically.  When we heal the emotions and allow unconditional love for self and others and forgiveness of any so called perceive mistakes in the past (usually means deeper inner work to release any old painful memories etc) and doing what we love to be doing, spending time with people we love, living life that includes doing what brings us joy, being fully present in the moment,  it’s then easily to be connected more with Source – or Spirit or God or the Field or – as you will be in a higher state of consciousness and all he higher vibrations are stepping in the direction of Creating Heaven on Earth – that is what was meant by that phrase.

And that is how you create an attracting point – Manifestation

Intention & Elevated Emotion leads to desire action which is an attracting point or a higher state of energy which is frequencies  – living in a way that is aligned with your highest vibration where peace, love & joy do exist!!

It is YOUR life right? If you aren’t creating it then who is??

Food for thought!



Oh yeah – Lighten Up & Have More Fun – it’s Great Energy too!!




Is Your Reality full of Beauty?

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!

   –  Albert Einstein


This reality is an illusion.  The illusions is not the problem, it only becomes a problem when we think that this is the only reality.

It’s useful to experience certain things yet there is so much more beyond this reality.

We are physically focused on this reality – yet we are multi dimensional beings and there is no time in the Quantum field as Everything is Now.

Mind f*#@ I know yet it also lets us know we are way more powerful than we realize.

We must unlearn what we learned because a conditioned mind cannot comprehend the infinite!!

What kind of reality are you creating?

What kind of reality would you like to create?





Calm Amongst the Chaos


Calm Amongst the Chaos

Remaining Calm Within is My Priority – Asst Photog – Dave Catt

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to whats happening.  That’s where your power is!!!

     –  unknown

Calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, and that’s very important for good health.

     –  Dalai Lama

The calmest person in the room is always the most powerful.

     –  Eben Pagan

The measure of a person is not how they act when things go smoothly but how they act when they are challenged.

     –  unknown


So much busyness, distractions, numbing out, lists of gotta do, stressed out people and some on – what do you choose to think, feel and do to remain calm, centred, peaceful, loving and powerful?

Live Beautifully!!


We Always have Choice in How We Respond or React


Creating Our Reality

Creating Our Reality

Your Reality is Your Life – Your Living


‘You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.’

     –  Brian Tracy

‘Our intentions create our reality.’

     –  Wayne Dyer

Take a Front Row Seat to Creating Your Reality


Creating our reality from our Consciousness which is awareness which comes through our filters, beliefs, patterns, programs and perspectives.

Change a thought – Change a lot.

It’s time

Everything IS Energy – Everything IS an Illusion.

It’s time to Become YOU and leave the old stories behind so You can create new ones.



In the Moment – that is the Zero Point Field where there are Infinite Possibilities.

So why hang on to an outdated version.

There is Magic waiting and wanting to be created by YOU.


Much Love


Always Choose from Love





Re-Birth to More of YOU!!


‘There can be no re-birth without the dark night of the Soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.’

     –  Hazrat Inayat Khan


‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.’

     –  unknown



I’ve been laying low recently – diving deep into shedding more layers to get to the truth of me.  It’s been a re-birth process and now I can share some – as the joy and excitement are fully back!!

I am learning that it’s an incredible time in the cosmos for growth awareness, expansion, releasing and consciousness – in other words major up grades for some of us that are doing the internal work.

Not always fun – but always so worth it.

Maybe you have been slammed in life recently by a 2 by 4 as you didn’t notice the little nudge you were receiving and didn’t want to listen – it’s ok – just don’t stay in the victim mode – things can and will get better.

I know!!

My Soul put me in Mexico 18 months ago – where I knew no one and couldn’t speak the language and I was house sitting so couldn’t be ‘travelling’ on on the move aka run. 🙂

It also took away all my distractions – my kids were off in other countries travelling and I knew they were doing well, my dog transitioned right after coming down here – my kids always teased me about him being the 3rd and most favourite child – he didn’t talk back 🙂 – he left I knew to give me my freedom, and then my partner of 21/2 years had an affair that got twisted and toxic.  So on my own – I knew it was time to do the deep dive within.

Embrace the Loneliness so it has NO Power Over YOU!!

Yes it was hard, lonely and frustrating at times as there were tears, anger, pain but now I reflect back and everything lined up so well for me to keep doing the work – people that showed up with great tools to assist me like The Emotion Code, she is amazing at uncovering, Yoga Teacher Training in Sayulita, time in Cuba where I probably walked over 100 miles in less than a week and shoot about 2000 images and many other walks, Temezcals, Intuitive Guidance by a dear friend who is extremely gifted, Soul Retrieval from another gifted person, new friends and experiences and the willingness to dive deeper into my subconscious, my emotional pains – ones I never fully healed of an eating disorder. I did not give in or stopped living – I moved forward even when it was painful – there is nothing more painful than being discarded like you never mattered – sign of a narcissist.

It’s a trauma to the body, mind and Soul – it’s a form of Soul rape – that is how serious it is and there is no polite way to say it.

Don’t Keep Yourself Imprisoned – Set Yourself Free

This past little while there was deeper diving as I connected with a Soul Sistar just in time before I almost re-cconnected with my ex – we connected in time to help put some puzzle pieces together and make me aware of narcissistic relationship abuse – something I was trying to deny. A big shout out to her with love and gratitude.  She was the other women and also is healing from the same crap.

Why do I bring that up?

A couple of reasons – it’s way more dominant than people realize because many of them just fly under the radar yet leave deep wounds. Many hide behind health or spiritual lingo – so you think they have it together – it’s a big manipulative mask. It’s also in the energies right now for people to do healing – these types of relationships leave deep scars. The other women (or guy) usually is not the enemy once you get past some of the deep emotional wounding so you can see clearer.

If you or someone you know is in any type of abusive relationship – physical, mental, emotional or psychological its time to get out!

It’s OK to Let Go of the Junk – especially IF You’re NOT a Junk Collector

Not always easy but many of these people can’t and won’t change – when you gather the courage and strength to move on – your life will get better especially if you do the work so you don’t attract them in again and up your self worth.

Many are master manipulators so anyone can get easily charmed – if you suspect – chances are…….if you are experiencing cognitive dissonance….chances are…………..if you are being lied to, cheated on, manipulated, gas lighted……..chances are…..if you have conversations that run in circles yet with no clear answers….. chances are……..

You deserve much better.

You are worth it.

Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Who YOU Are

No one deserves the abuse that goes along with a narcissistic relationship – it’s the biggest mind fuck ever……literally.  These type of people are run by their false self ego and need energy sources as they are lifeless inside – wounded yet will never be able to heal.

My friend shared this great lady with much info, vids etc – I highly recommend checking her out for more info – Melanie Tonia

I share all of this as my wish that even one person reading this will be helped as it’s beyond comprehendible what these people do – it’s Soul sucking and it’s usually pretty twisted – you just can’t make this shit up – yet it’s also devastating – mentally, emotionally, physiologically and financially  – for some quite serious.  As there is no substance to the relationship for them – you are just an energy supply so it’s all fake.

Hard one to accept – I know.

With the portals, cosmic energies, and the evolution of Souls, Consciousness and more – there is never a better time than now – to get out, heal and create a life you truly desire.

I can only share what I’ve gone through and it’s not always easy BUT ever so worth it.

Some Things Can NOT Be Fixed

From the shit show has come healing, more clarity and more of me has returned. I have dived into Consciousness, Quantum Physics, my joy has come back for Photography, my self worth has grown and so much more.

From shattered and low self worth to feeling confident again and changing directions so that my Soul and I are way more interconnected than ever before.

I can now stand in my self, with my Soul and with a stronger connected to Source and be grateful for it all.

BE & SEE the Beauty YOU Truly Are

I’ve been able to let go of things, businesses, people and old memories that no longer served me and created space for new things, people, experiences and creativity of a much higher vibration and  consciousness.

Remember – Actions speak louder than words – what people say and what they do have to be congruent – if not – get the hell out – you are worth much better.

That is the start of Self Love.

Find Things that Honours & Nurtures You & Your Soul

As the snake shed’s it skin and goes through a re-birth – this too has been a re-birth – if animals do it so can we!!

Create a new beginning  – it is Your Life – Live it well.

Life is a never ending learning, growing and remember who You really be – there is no finish line there is only loving and living well.

So excited now at what is coming up as I am working on a couple of Photo projects.

Hope you’ll check back and thank you for reading – please share if you know of anyone struggling in any sort of abusive relationship – that is not why you are here!!

Much Love




‘If you want to be enlightened, you will have to allow some destruction and reconstruction in your life.’

     –  unknown

Reclaim that child like sense of wonder, joy and self love


Photography meets Consciousness

Photography meets Consciousness

It’s in the Stillness of the Moments we Can Remember


‘Happiness doesn’t derive from location or material possession, it derives from a higher state of Consciousness.’

     –  unknown

‘The true authenticity of photographs for me is that they usually manipulate and lie about what is in front of the camera, but never lie about the intentions behind the camera.’

     –  Wolfgang Tillmans

Life IS About What We Focus On


It’s not what is out there – it’s our perception of what is out there of what we think and feel therefore believe – yet that doesn’t make it true – it’s just a perception, possibly a limited one.

ALL aspects of our lives are determined by the quality of our Consciousness.

What is Consciousness?

Dictionary meaning – The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. The awareness or perception of something by a person. The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

To be real, authentic and true – one has to follow their heart, their Soul and their guidance – which really is the same.  I have a deep love for both Photography and Consciousness & Quantum Physics – cause once you go down the rabbit hole, take the red pill – you can’t go back – and why would one want to as it’s so much more than imagined!! Yet at the same time I am realizing I know so little compared to what is out there and mostly what we have been told even taught in school are nothing but lies.

My blog will be sharing my Photos, inspiration and what Consciousness is……….the world needs more of it as it’s based in Love and this I love.

I hope you will share this or come back and visit often.

Much Gratitude


Consciousness Love




Whispers from Your Soul

Whispers from Your Soul

Whispers are Like Little Droplets


‘Intuition is the whisper of the Soul.’

     –  Jiddu Krishnamurti


Question – How would Source / God / Creator etc live it it was You??

We are Spiritual BEings having a HUman experience.

Source knowing that it is part of source energy – so really an energy of infinite possibilities – yet while living as an individuated expression of Source would go – holy crap – what do I truly desire to be as I have the power, clarity and love to be that. How much fun can I have? What are the endless possibilities? What do I love to do while in this human costume? What brings me Joy? How do I want to creatively express this version of myself – with easy, joy, fun, love and gratitude?


Playing a human yet having amnesia so forgetting that you are a Soul – the energy of Source / God /Creator and creating a reality that gets elected back through the feed back mechanisms of your 5 senses – which have little to no imagination, depend upon Ego which stays in struggle, lack, limitation possible anger, frustration and guilt.

The Whispers from your Soul are tugging at you to remember who You truly be!!




so why not enjoy the time spent here – it’s all just a story anyways – so create an awesome one!!



Is Our Reality as Real as we Think?