I got up this morning in a funk, ever have one of those days??

So I headed down to the beach with my dog Spirit and sat and reflected on some things going on in my life.  Now, I don’t know if any of you believe in the spirit world or what happens after a loved one physically leaves this world, but my mom has a way of letting me know she is there for me.  She passed away a couple of years ago, at a young age to cancer.  She usually leaves good signs that she is there, like this am, when I found a piece of beach in the sun, several minutes later I looked up to a tree that sometimes has an Eagle in it, and this morning it had four.  I have never seen that before.  Maybe it wasn’t her giving me a sign, but then again maybe it was!!

One of the things I was reflecting on was my blog, as you noticed I just changed the title over, as I have this thing with food and eating healthy, always have.  Now, I really try not to be too anal, but my husband might dispute that one!!!

One of the things I have realized is that I have always had a thing with food, even when I was younger.  It wasn’t always good or healthy.  As a teenager, you go through a stage of eating lots of junk food, well, most of us anyways, I did, but then I took it beyond that.  I went through a stage of not eating, anything, otherwise known as starving myself or anorexia.  It was short lived, only about a year or so, I believe that my lowest weight was about 87 lbs, now I’m only 5ft 2, but that was still way too low.  My mom knew the signs as she had struggled with that as well, makes me wonder now if that was subconscious learned behavior??

From there, through the help of some close friends, I learned that I could eat, anything and all that I wanted without getting fat!!  I was in, little did I know at the time what path in would take me down and how it could affect my health, but I didn’t care as long as the weight didn’t come on.  You’re probably wondering the name of this diet aren’t you?? It’s called Bulimia and this is the first time I have gone totally open about it.  People know, I don’t hide it, but I’ve never put it out there and I think I should.

I share that info as I know that food, emotional eating, guilt, diet, advertising and so on are so much a part of this cultural these days.  Women are multi tasking more than ever betweens children, jobs, or being self employed, wanting to feel and look good or healthy, having the time and energy for it all.  Sometimes we meet our feelings of overwhelment, exhaustion, emptiness, feeling unappreciated or over extended or putting our needs last by filling our selves up w ith food.

The food we usually choose in those situations is comfort foods or snack foods that we just keep snacking on.  Now, I share this with no judgement as I went down that path for many, many years.  I struggled with Bulimia throughout my late teens and well into my twenties.  It was not fun alot of the time.  It mostly affected me between January and May, hmmm, do you think I could have had SAD at the same time!!??

I sometimes cycled between starving myself and binging, the mind is a powerful thing.  I share this part of me, as I wanted to be real with any of my readers, letting you know that I wasn’t always a health nut, well I was in between, but I was a fake, insecure, sneaking food junkie I guess you could say.  In between I worked out, taught Aerobics (ok yes I am dating myself there), ate fairly healthy when I was eating but oh sooooo confused and insecure inside.

I was part of several studies on women with eating disorders, so I did try and get outside help a few times as I got older as I recognized the insanity of it all.  What I have learned through it all, the most important thing, that I do matter. I am important and so are my feelings, even if it’s just to me.  That is why I choose to be nice to myself now (that and my friends still telling me I am way too hard on myself, hmmm more sub conscious programming, but I have been working on it!!!)  I am learning to trust my gut feelings on things and not question it, it’s being in the flow and being true to me.  That is what has lead me down the road of eating more raw and healthy, plus I need to make up for lost time of those years of abusing my body.  I feel the difference when I eat raw, or just way healthier and when I don’t, my body tells me that also.  I like to drink a glass or two of wine sometimes, and my body is letting me know that it just doesn’t want it anymore.  Alot of food too, which sometimes can be frustrating as it’s not that unhealthy yet it’s what my body doesn’t want right now, so I am listening.

I share this with you as I want to be honest.  I love food, I get inspired by it, I love making healthy things and when I watch Youtube videos read books of people eating healthy and feeling great, and curing diseases I get excited. As silly as that may sound and I can say I am proud now, that I traded in my Shape magazine and an unhealthy way of viewing my body and eating for one that is way healthier.  Yes, I have finally accepted that I am 5’2″ , small boned, bigger thighs and boobless!!!  I just want to feel good and enjoy the day.

So, to anyone out there that is struggling with having a good relationship with food in general, I just want to say there is hope and it can be accomplished.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping is an amazing tool, easy to use and just love and accept yourself where you are and as you are…….you deserve it!!!

And remember, it’s a journey, today does count!!!

Thanks for stopping by


Motivational Monday………

Yup….still raining, I need all the motivation I can get!!  It’s suppose to rain all week…..oh yeah!!!!

I could look at it that way or I could look at it as, well I guess I will be getting alot of work done, so that when the sun does finally come out, I can hit the beach and enjoy it!!!

See, it doesn’t matter what is going on around us, chaos, bad weather, moody teens, miserable clerks, grumpy friends, it’s what is going on inside of us that matters. Yes I want it to be nice out, but there is no sense it fighting it out with Mother Nature…..she will win……I can only worry about how I feel or what am I going to do different today to make things better for tomorrow.

I got an email from Matt Morris with his video for a Motivational Monday, you might enjoy that, or watch Elements of Greatness, or Les Brown on Motivation or any other YouTube video that would be good.
You could also throw on some music and dance around the house or sing like no one’s watching or listening, just belt it out or work up a sweat…….if that doesn’t help, get naked and jump up in down in front of the mirror……well maybe not, I thought that it might make you laugh but it could do just the opposite and make you even more depressed!!!!
Find whatever works for you and have an awesome Motivational Monday!!!

6 Minutes to Success

6 Minutes to Success

Could that really be true?? Well, I have liked very much what I have seen in the first set of FREE videos, that I want to share with you. As, if this is all you do, it will add value to your life.
Then if you like, you can pay $1 (if you’re in early enough) to get a video a day for 30 days to test sample it for them. Or you can get a week free before continuing on if you see any value in it. I must say I do like Bob Proctor, always have from seeing him in the movie ‘The Secret’ and he’s Canadian, I like supporting Canadians especially when it is something of value!!
Bob has been personally taught by Earl Nightingale, and it shows in what he has to share with us. I hope you decide to take advantage of this and start creating the life that you want.
Let me know how it goes.
To Your Success!!

Bob Proctor’s videos

Who would have thought this guy was this cool???

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did……and live life like he does!!!

Aren’t You Worth a Better Life???

Conditions of People

For the last several weeks, I have been educating myself in an area, I hate to admit, but I knew little about……..finances.
Now, we all think we know things, but in reality most of us don’t, as 85% of Canadians are in debt, spending $1.45 for every $1 we earn and I can only imagine what the US numbers are. That to me states we really don’t know.
Debt is growing and continues to do so.
I’ve often said, advertising makes us believe that it’s never good enough, fast enough, new enough, big enough or we’re good enough…….so we’re always searching for something to make us feel better, even if only temporary.
We want to keep up with the Jones. By, the way, who the hell are the Jones anyways?? I could never figure that one out!!!
People are stressed more, losing their jobs, (ah job security…….I’ll talk more on that later!!), living pay cheque to pay cheque hoping things will change.
Definition of insanity? Keep doing what you’re doing and expecting things to be different.

Here’s a thought, stop, take a deep breath, start a budget, I know it’s not fun, but you have to know where your money is going, if there’s more month left at the end of the money, you might just be surprised on what you’re spending it. But, maybe you’re just not making enough…….there is alot to go around in this abundant universe, so
Create another stream of income.
Muiltiple streams of income is what is needed these days, unless of course you like working for the man, having them tell you how much you’re worth, when you work and when you can take time off!!
I know so many people that have ‘good’ jobs, live pretty simply and still can’t make ends meet………and yet they hope.

It’s time to wake up and do things differently!!
Aren’t you worth a better life??

Love to hear your thoughts on that!!

Oh yeah, an after thought, if after reading this you’re thinking any ‘yeah buts’…….ask yourself how’s that serving you?
Keeping you small or stuck. Then go back and check in with my last post.

Eric Worre with Les Brown

What a great interview.  Yes, it is mostly with Network Marketing, but the message under neath from Les is great.

We all have brilliance (or greatness) inside of each of us, it’s time to let the light shine!!!

Make it your time to, enjoy!!


Watch video

How Do You Re-Charge Yourself???

I just wanted to share how I re-charge myself, which is important to all of us!!
Would love to hear how you re-charge yourself, so feel free to leave a comment.

Make it your best day yet!!!

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Look around at our economy.

I haven’t really posted anything this week, as I have been busy studying……yes, even at my age.
And it’s been a little harder than I thought it would be, it’s dry, a little overwhelming at times, confusing and yet
exciting too. I am learning things that I have to honestly say, I know very little about and at my age, that’s kind of embarrassing, but it where I have put my time and energy.
See, for the last decade or so, I have been into holistic health, still am, but that is where I made my money. I owned my own little holistic day spa, got into EFT, botanicial skin care, aromatherapy, raw foods and so on, and now I am studying
finances, investments and insurance……….just a little different.
Look around at our economy.
To help other people (that seems to be a theme here).
To empower myself.
To grow and learn something different.
To challenge myself.

This is the part that isn’t as much fun, but the goal of where we are going and what we will be doing with this far outcedes this part, it’s just part of the process.
I am so willing to go through this, no matter how overwhelmed I am feeling, to become more and not settle for a life of mediocrity.
Now, it may not seem like such a big deal to some of you, but look into your own life and see where you have gotten complacent?
Are you growing or dying?
Living in your comfort zone or expanding yourself?
Only you will know.

I’ll let you know how the exams go!!!

Till then…….challenge yourself!!!

Do You Talk to Yourself??

Why things in our live don’t change??

It’s ok to admit it to yourself, we all do it!! (not out loud though!!)
We all have at least 60 000 thoughts that go through our head every day, usually the same ones
as yesterday and the day before and well, probably the same as a year ago.

And we wonder why things in our live don’t change!!

Definition of insanity: Keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.


Hey, if things are going great in your life, then your self talk is probably going well, if not, well…..

Some of those thoughts or self talk could sound like
– I shouldn’t have eaten that.
– I need to lose weight
– I can’t stick to anything (not sticking to NY’s resolutions for instance)
– not enough money
– more not enough money
– how can I pay those bills
– got to pick up the kids
– what about dinner
– oh I’m so tired
– oh I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed
feel free to add a few of your own in here.

What about trying

– I am healthy and alive.
– I am grateful for all in my life.
– I am open to receive abundance and prosperity in my life.
– I am attracting all the right people in my life (or business)
– I am calm and feel great.
– My body is beautiful.
– I love myself.

Just some examples.

Just think for a minute, do any of those (or similar ones), are the thoughts that go through
your mind every day as self talk??

Just say them and feel the difference.

How you feel is everything, you want to feel good no matter what is going on around you as there
will always be something going on.

Start being aware of what kind of self talk you are saying to yourself, see if you can catch yourself and improve it.
Look into the mirror and really say those things to yourself as you look yourself in the eyes, that can have a big impact. It’s also like going to the gym, you just don’t do it once and that’s all, it’s every day.

If it’s too hard, try doing some EFT or Tapping, that can help start it.

It all really begins with you.

Change a thought – Change a lot.

It’s time to stand in YOUR greatness!!!

Does the Law of Attraction work??

Well, just look around at your life and that will give you the answer.

By that I mean, if you know what you really want, then you are living it. And if you really don’t know what you want, you are living it too. In other words, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ is always at work. You mostly hear about it in terms of how it will help you attract money or abundance in general. But, the ‘Law of Attraction’ dictates that you will receive back exactly what you are FEELING……no matter what you are feeling!!!

Where is your attention? Is it on the feelings associated with the problem or is it with the feelings of no longer having the problems? If one approaches issues with how frustrating this ‘problem’ is, the Universal Law dictates that you will simply attract MORE of those feelings which will attract MORE of those ‘problems’!! It isn’t that the Universe is out to get you, it’s that the ‘Law of Attraction’ is always turned on and depending on how you are feeling is what is being attracted.

Instead, if you can choose feelings on HOW life can be, see it BUT more importantly FEEL it before it shows up, then it will. As I said before the ‘Law of Attraction‘ is always turned on. That’s why knowing what you want, seeing it and believing it can and will happen will make it happen.

Now, it may not always be on your time schedule, but never give up!!

You may think this is hippy dippy stuff, but we must remember, that beyond our flesh and bones we are, at a molecular level, ENERGY and everything is ENERGY.

We were not meant to struggle, work hard for years, have bad health or have to ‘try’ and figure things out. Our job is to feel good and do what we love to do.

So, go get clear and start attracting – what you do want, not what you don’t want!!

Story of the Jar

Story of the Jar

Have you ever heard of the story of  ‘The Jar‘?

It goes like this:

Take one jar,

fill it with the biggest rocks that will fit in untill it’s full…..

then add gravel until it’s full     image jar big rocks

then add sand in to fill the cracks…..

top it off with water until it’s full.

What does a jar full of bigger rocks, gravel, sand and water really mean?

You can look at it in reference to your life and or business.

The bigger rocks symbolize the important things in your life or work. The things that should be done first.  If you don’t fit the big or important things in first, you will not have room for them later on.

Once you place the big rocks in the jar and then have added the gravel and sand, with a little jiggle, they will all find  place on their own.

How much happier and healthier will you be by doing so?

Ask yourself  what is bringing you closer to your goals or how are you really spending your time?  If you are not placing the big rocks first, what are you waiting for?