Emotional Eating Situation Reading

After struggling off and on for years with my eating disorder and doing many things that helped along the way but never got to the core or why until I worked with the Records.

Once I understood more of who I was at a Soul Level – my gifts that yes I took for granted or tried to deny, blocks and restrictions and looking at why I was doing this to myself did my life really shift.

This reading includes a full Soul Profile, Blocks and Restrictions and a situational one plus my 21 Days Food and You email program to truly guide you to different more empowering choices.

Issues or situation with food, your body or even self esteem.

We will have scheduled a 60 – 90 min phone session – that will be recorded to be able to listen again – to go through your situation

Email support will be available after for follow up.

Once payment is made and a session booked, you will receive an email from me so that I can gather all your info so I can access the records then I will come with information about you at a Soul Level, your blocks and restrictions that you have currently and your situation that needs clarity, healing and clearing on in regards to food, emotional eating, body or self esteem issues.