Life Situation Reading & Clearing

A Life Situation Reading and Clearing Session is designed to focus on a specific situation and issues that are negatively impacting your life.

Clearing and healing work is like peeling an onion sometimes:  not always fun but oh so worth it – this reading can get to the core faster or where the issue originated.

We get what is most important to clear first and what we can handle at the time – if we got it all at once we may go into a healing crisis.

There can be a time of integration or if we got right to the root it can be cleared in one reading.

Then, with the awareness you can start to make new choices, in alignment with your new vibrational state then you will notice that new situations will arise because your vibrational state is a higher frequency.

A Life Situation Reading focuses on specific issues that did not come up before.  It is because the issues are now relevant to your current life so it is the time that they can be addressed and cleared.

Once the session is booked and paid – you will receive an email and I will need to know the following:

We will have scheduled a 60 min phone session – that will be recorded to be able to listen again – to go through your situation so that you will better understand why you created it and can choose differently to move forward.

Once payment is received and a session booked, you will receive an email so that I can get all the information so I can access your records for you.