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Location or in your home – Timeless Portraits – Lets Create Art Together

We are all born pure, innocent and full of love – somewhere along the line the story got distorted – maybe it’s time to re-write the story and imprint the cells and molecules of your body and mind in a more self loving beautiful way.

The people  – women – who are inspired to collaborate with Jodi are choosing to see themselves – maybe for the first time – from a different perspective – one more of self love – as it truly is about stepping into the truth of who you are!!

Real, Authentic & Truthful

Beauty Defined by YOU!!

Photos are not retouched or altered as there is nothing to fix!

Please contact me about a session – whether for personal or part of the Raw, Naked and Beautiful Project

I am currently in Lake Chapala / Ajijic Mexico area – but inquire as I will be travelling this year.