Are you or have you ever been curious about why you are here or who you truly are?

What your gifts are?


You have a deep feeling inside of you that there is something you could or should be doing?


You don’t feel like you are on your true path?

You know there is more but not sure what?


You’ve read a ton of self help books, attended workshops, webinars, maybe therapy or coaching and still not much has changed or shifted – kind of feels like ground hog day?


You may keep experiencing the same things in your life – but with different face or places yet you’re starting to recognize the patterns or the common denominator in all of that is YOU!?

It’s by no accident you are here.


This is where Soul Realignment through the Akashic Records can make the difference by bringing in clarity.

So What are the Akashic Records?


Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether.”  The Akashic Field exists in the fifth dimension of consciousness. It contains an energetic blueprint of every soul and its journey and is available to us at all times.  Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic “database” or library that stores all information about each Soul back to the time of its origination.  All events, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that ever happened in each lifetime are recorded in the electromagnetic grid of the planet and cosmos. Because the Akashic Records are energetic, in nature,the language of the reader does not matter.


Everything is Energy – Energy never dies or gets destroyed it just changes form.  Each lifetime and each choice we make in our lives – cause remember it’s a free will Universe – we choose either from Love or Fear – each time we choose from Fear (and all those associated with it – stress, frustration, not feeling good enough, lack, struggle, judgment etc) it takes us away from our truth, our divinity and each time we come back down here we carry those energies forward.

All readings will be recorded in case you want to listen again.

What is a Soul Realignment©?



A Soul Realignment© reading is a reading is a reading of your Akashic Records that is designed to help you realign to who you are at a Soul Level.

Personal development is about the human self or small self.  The good news is though you aren’t the self you think you are – YOU are a Soul living in a human body.

If you wish to take a journey from which you can never go back from – and one you won’t want to 🙂 then start today by getting to know who you truly are at a Soul level – you might just be will be blown away with who you truly be!! 🙂


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Soul Profile Reading 

Not ready for a full Soul Realignment – but are curious to know who you may be at a deeper level and what your gifts are.


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Life Situation Reading & Clearing


You may have a situation you need help with or have started recognizing a pattern going on in a certain area of your life that you need help with to understand and or clear it so you can choose something different or more in alignment with your truth.

More Information here and to book a Reading.


Emotional Eating Situation Reading


Do you struggle with emotional eating? Food? Body issues? Low Self Esteem due to no being able to handle yourself around food?  Do you eat to stuff down your emotions as you don’t want to feel them? do you find yourself reaching for food even though you’re not hungry or  do you keep food from yourself as you just never feel good enough or need to be restrictive?


After struggling for years with an eating disorder, then having the emotional parts re-surface and still pre-occupied by food – by becoming a Raw Food Chef – finding the root causes in the records helped me to let go of dysfunctional thinking and feeling about myself and my emotions which really are the under currents of food issues.


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Relationship Readings available upon request.

Coming soon Jseal Removal and DNA Activation