Once you have been re-introduced to who you are as a Soul, you will never be able to see yourself as just a physical being again.

Soul Realignment Reading

Something your Soul has been waiting for!!

So what happens when you book a Session?

You will receive an email from me and I will need from you your birthdate and place, your birth name and your current full name.

From there I will go into the Akashic Records to find out :

  • who you are at Soul Level – your gifts and what you are meant to express this lifetime
  • clarity on unlocking your potential
  • how many Spirit Guides are working with you
  • were your Soul originated
  • insight into your past choices in lives that are affecting your now as it is still in your energetic field
  • blocks and restrictions holding you back in areas of your life
  • learning how past choices are impacting you on a physical, mental or emotional level today

We will have scheduled a 60 min phone session – that will be recorded to be able to listen again – to go through everything in your Soul Profile and blocks

With that information you will also receive a clearing of all patterns, blocks and restrictions that are impacting you today.  They don’t get deleted from your Record, however they are erased so that energetically you are clearer to make better choices.

You will also receive a 21 Day clearing to do as homework to really ground it into the physical.

Once one has awareness of underlying energies of situations, patterns, programs, choices – then they can start choosing differently – especially if they know more of who they are at a Soul Level and choose from that perspective of more empowerment than not.

Once payment is made and a session scheduled then you will receive an email from me to gather your information so I can access your records and then we will meet to go over all of your Soul information, blocks and restrictions and clearing.