My 10 Day Transformation Cleanse!!!!

 My 10 Day Transformation Cleanse!!!!

This is the third 10 Day Transformation Cleanse I have done this year – I keep doing them due to the results I am getting – it just keeps getting better!!

The biggest side benefit is weight loss but that is not my main reason for doing this.  It really is to detox and cleanse AND feed my body at a deep level.

Each day between what we eat, our emotions, the air we breath we in take various toxins.

This cleanse also allowed me to really look at when and how much I was eating – as I keep saying there is a BIG difference between eating and feeding the body.  I realize how much I had been eating and really eating too much.  When I really am feeding the body, I eat less food – I paid attention to when I was actually hungry or when I was craving something to see exactly if it was a real hunger or a habit.  I also slowed down my eating so I could chew and enjoy my food instead of gulping it down, eating on the run or sitting in front of my computer.

It is also making me realize how important it is staying away from GMO foods – I can feel the difference.

But the increase in my energy levels – haven’t felt this good in a long time!!

Could your health, body or energy use a little improving??

What I like about this is it is easier to keep eating healthier – if each year you make a New Years Resolution to eat healthier, lose weight or get into better shape – then I highly recommend you having a look at the Purium lifestyle – only if you are serious about creating a healthier lifestyle and NEVER having to make those New Years Resolutions again!!

Raw, Live, Organic, NON-Gmo and now 17 products even Kosher!!!

Here’s to living a great, healthy lifestyle.

Hope to see you on the journey!!

Thanks for taking the time and please feel free to share this!!


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My Cleanse

My Cleanse

I’ve been asked a few times over the last several days ‘Why do a cleanse in December like before the holidays?’  And my reply is ‘Why not?’  I think and now I know from how I am feeling – what a great time to do a cleanse!!  Yes it’s cold, yes holidays are coming, yes it’s a busy time – but really believe it or not those make good reasons!!

It’s cold – lots of warming spices, herbal teas, coconut oil to help ease that.  Plus it makes one go within a little and also become more aware of when one is eating – you know that grabbing for food even though we really aren’t hungry – what is it you are really hungry for?? Or is it boredom??

Yes the holidays are coming – for my American friends many just had some holidays, so what a great way to get back on the healthy eating or not to swing too far over in the area of over indulgence or unhealthy eating!

Yes it can be a busy time, but it also allows for one to begin to focus on what is really important – like being totally present and deciding what really needs to be done or could be let go of.

I just wanted to share my first few days of the 10 Day Transformational Cleanse with Purium.  We will be doing another one after the holidays – why not come and join 100’s of us as we create and transition into healthier eating patterns, more awareness and awesome support.  It’s unlike anything you have probably ever experienced before – trust me.  I have done many cleanses over the years and I never got results like I did with this one!!

Speaking of support – check out our Daily Support Calls right now (even Sat and Sun Dec 6 & 7) and all next week @ 5:30 PST with the founder and author himself David Sandoval – (712) 432-1917  pi code  92126#

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Have an awesome day and thanks for taking the time!


Day 2

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Day 4