Whispers From Your Soul

Whispers From Your Soul

Whispers from the Soul is Being Whole


Intuition is the whispers from the Soul.

               – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Years may wrinkle the body, but fear wrinkles the Soul.

               – unknown

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.

It was not my lips you kissed but my Soul.

                – Judy Garland



When a dream keeps coming to your mind – it comes from the Soul.

Shiny object syndrome comes from the Ego.

Soul Purpose Energy is food for the Soul.  Anything short of that is Ego or being in survival mode.

Following the whispers of the Soul gets your imagination working, your heart opens and the flow of your life clearer and stronger.

Being able to bring the unseen (dreams, 5th dimensional energies) into the seen (3rd dimensional living) and that is what Alchemy is about.!!

Every moment there is choice – follow the whispers of your Soul or follow the Ego – one brings you closer to wholeness the other doesn’t.

What are you choosing?

Create an incredible experience – this moment, today!!



What Others Think

What Others Think


I was brought up hearing often, especially when I was a teenager – ‘What will the neighbours think?’

I look back on that now and laugh and think who cares!!

All too often many of us do get caught up with those sort of thoughts, feelings or even the energy of it.

Think about it for a moment – if you truly didn’t care what others were thinking about you or what your were doing, eating or wearing – would things be different?

I am talking about being able to live, think, feel and say YOUR truth, without harm to anyone and without any attachment to how anyone will react or respond.

I bet you that you are holding yourself back.

This photo is an HDR photo – High Dynamic Range – I like a lot of these photos – depending on what has been photographed. Some don’t need it at all and some – well it’s fun, creative, different.

Sometimes when I take my camera out – it doesn’t truly catch what I want or am able to see and portray it.

I want to play, be creative, be different but for me for a long time I was caught up with ‘What will people think? What if they don’t like it?’

Then I realized for myself – it’s my life – what bring ME joy, happiness, love and allowing me to be me?

Sometimes normal is boring.

Sometimes it’s fun being a little different instead of the same old, or bold, or standing out, or bringing in a fresh perspective.

Ask yourself  – how or where are you holding yourself back?

Remember as a kid you didn’t do that.

What if you brought back some of that kid like energy of just being you.

It could be some fun, or it could be a lot of fun – let go, stop comparing, judging or wondering what they are thinking as they are probably to busy doing or thinking the same thing you are!!

Have an amazing day!!