Cherry Hazelnut Chocolate Delight

Cherry Hazelnut Chocolates

Raw Chocolate Delight-4One of my favorite shakes to make is a creamy cherry shake, so the other day I was quite interested in cherry and chocolate – who wouldn’t be? 🙂

I also love chocolate and nuts when I eat chocolate and once you have good raw chocolate, it’s hard to go back to any other kind.  I thought I would create a cherry hazelnut chocolate delight – in theory it sounded good, but it didn’t stay solid enough to eat with you hands so then I thought lets mix it in with the Raw Chocolate Mouse and oh my – chocolate party was happening in my mouth let me tell you!

Since it was all raw, vegan and loaded with superfoods, there was no guilt – I had it for breakfast – not something I do often but boy was it good!


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Spirulina Wraps – Healthy On The Go Snacks!

Spirulina Wraps

Spirulina Wraps

I keep posting lately recipes with Spirulina as it is considered a Superfood and if you google the health benefits of spirulina you will see why!!  Just look at the dark green color –  loaded with nutrients and chlorphyll just to name a couple of things.

Not always pleasant tasting on it’s own but when you can mix it into things, you are only increasing the nutritional value and eating healthier which is cool by the way 🙂

This recipe looks a little funky, but makes a great snack and one you can carry for on the go! Totally raw and vegan, unless you need to use an oven – again still better than many other options when one is trying to eat healthy.  This recipe makes approx 8 – 10 rolls so you can always double it and put in sealed container (once they are dehydrated).

Spirulina Wraps

–         1 small Onion chopped

–         1 cup raw Sunflower seeds (soaked or unsoaked)

–         ½ cup raw Sesame seeds

–         ½ cup fresh Cilantro

–         ¼ cup Nutritional Yeast

–         juice of 1 Lemon

–         pinch Himalayan Sea Salt

–         1 tsp Spirulina (Purium’s Spirulina)

–         Spices (optional)

Throw all ingredients in a processor and process until desired consistency (either a little chunky or rather smooth)

Spirulina Wraps

Approximately 5 Raw Nori sheets – yes you can buy Nori sheets raw – it will say right on the package, a little harder to find and if you can’t then of course you can use regular Nori sheets (not raw but still healthy).

Cut into 3 pieces as even ½ a sheet will be too much.

Put a line of the mixture on each piece and roll up (I used a Sushi mat to help with the rolling).

Spirulina Wraps

Put in dehydrator and dehydrate for approximately 12 – 14 hours.

Keep in a sealed container and it will keep for a couple of weeks.

Great for a quick on the go snack and loaded with nutrition!!

Enjoy and please feel free to share – thanks for stopping by!!


Superfoods Energy Balls

Superfoods Energy Balls & Veg Fest


image veg festGetting ready for the Veg Fest tomorrow on Granville St in Vancouver and will doing samples of these Superfood Energy Balls, having a FREE Draw and giving out $50 Gift Cards to people who are looking for Greens, Superfoods, live, raw, vegan, organic and Non-Gmo!!

So if you are in the area stop by and say hi – there will be some great vendors there!!

What a mission we are on and it’s so exciting to be part of this and connect with such cool people on the same path or journey!!

Just to be up front – this recipe does have several of the Purium products in it as you know it’s about Greens and Superfoods – but you can always substitute your own. These are tasty and will substain you for hours, so a great little snack to carry around and reach for when you get hungry, miss lunch or need a little boost!!

Energy Balls

Superfoods Energy Balls

–  3 cups Dates

–  11/2 tbsp Ric Bran Solubles (Rice Bran Solubles are the most potent, nutrient-rich part of rice. They are amazing plant complexes that contain a wide variety of nutrients not found in other foods.)

–  1/2 cup Activated Barley (is a unique, complex carbohydrate from pre-sprouted grain that is digested slowly, providing energy and endurance for hours. It is a great source of immune-enhancing beta-glucan and has extremely low gluten content. It makes a great addition to any green drink.

–  1/4 cup Hemp

–  2 tsp Spirulina (has been widely regarded as nature’s most complete nutrient source. Purium’s Organic Spirulina is a rich, whole-food source of vegetarian protein, chlorophyll, essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, and vitamins.)

–  11/2 tbsp Coconut Oil

–  1/2 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

–  1/2 cup Raw Cocoa Powder

Optional is to add instead of the hemp or Cocoa Powder is L.O.V.E. – 1 tbsp –  which will really knock the nutritional value sky high!!)

Throw all ingredients in a food process and process until it forms a ball.  Then break off little pieces and roll into small balls.

You can also roll into shredded Coconut if you like. (both are shown in photos)

Keep in fridge in sealed container and will keep for a couple of weeks if sealed well.

Pop into a little baggie and throw in your purse, car, or fridge at work – great for an afternoon snack instead of coffee or sugary things!!

Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share!!

See ya at the Veg Fest!!


Energy Balls-2


Spirulina Krispie Bars

Spirulina Krispie Bars

When I lived on Vancouver Island – I would visit this health food store that sold these amazing Spirulina Bars – don’t know the recipe and tried to copy it (kind of hard when you don’t know the recipe at all) but this is what I came up with and different but I think still tasty.

it may seem like I am on a bit of a Spirulina kick but what I am trying to share is how easy it is to get superfoods or nutrient dense foods into your way of eating and it doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, boring or confusing – it really can be easy, tasty and your body will love you for it!!

I am all about healthy eating made easy!!

Spirulina is a natural “algae”  powder that is incredible high in protein and nutrients and easily digested by our intestinal bacteria that in turn then feed our blood and cells.  It is an excellent source of B vitamins, is a complete protein, 18 amino acids, has PEA (Phenylethylaimine) – dubbed the love chemical so it helps us to ‘feel good’, high in bioavailable iron, is loaded with lots of enzymes – which helps with digestion, antioxidants, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, and is extremely high in Chlorophyll, which helps remove toxins from the blood and boost the immune system.

Spirulina is one of the most nutritious food sources in the world – I choose Purium Spirulina because it’s organic, non-gmo and live – always make sure of these qualities.

What if consuming a tablespoon or two per day of a simple food like Spirulina could drastically lower your chances of developing cancer, heart disease, or stroke, or just feeling better overall?  Wouldn’t that be cool?


–  2 cups Crispy Rice cereal

–  1 cup Pumpkin seeds

– 3 tbsp Chia seeds

– 3 tbsp Hemp seeds

–  1 cup Sunflower seeds

Mix together in a big bowl

In a pan on very low heat – just enough to warm things, mix together

– 1/4 cup Coconut Oil (Purium’s Coconut oil)

–  1 cup Almond butter

–  1/2 – 3/4 cup Agave, Honey or Brown Rice Syrup (depending on the sweetness – I used Brown Rice and it needed a little more)

–  1/4 cup Tahinni

–  1 tbsp Vanilla

– 2 tsp Spirulina (Purium’s Spirulina)

Mix all ingredients together and when smooth  mix into the other bowl and mix well.

Press into 8 x 12 square dish.

I found it best to keep in fridge – cut into squares, eat, share and enjoy!!

Great snacks, on the good food source and will keep you satisfied for quite awhile – including your sweet tooth!!

Please feel free to share this and would love any comments and if interested in trying any Purium product – please email for a $50 Gift Card towards your first purchase – you will love the quality of these products!!!


Have a great day!!



Tomato Salad with Spirulina Hemp Dressing

Tomato Salad with Spirulina Hemp Dressing

Always trying to find little ways of adding in nutrient dense foods or superfoods, since being a mom I have always done that over the years.  Knowing what I know now of course I would do things differently for my kids but we do the best we can with what we know.  I do remember my kids coming home from birthday parties asking why our juice tasted so different and that was because it was 3/4 water – I even knew then they had too much sugar even being real juice,I held out as long as possible before they figured it out!! lol

So now that my kids are teenagers and I can make something that has a fair amount of nutritional value AND they like it is pretty cool!!  I made this dressing and my daughter loved it so made it a couple of times, now I just make a bigger batch 🙂  Kes loves salad dressings even this one and it’s green!!

Tomato Salad

I just cut in half a bunch of baby tomatoes, an english cucumber, sliced small a green onion or two and chopped some parsley on top, but you could do basil or dill or any other herb.  I love adding fresh herbs to salads, they always add a nice flavor and are green!!

Spirulina Dressing


– 1/2 cup Olive oil (preferably and cold pressed is best)

– 2 cloves Garlic

– juice of 1 Lemon

– 1/4 cup Cider Vinegar or White Wine vinegar

– 2 tbsp Hemp shells (or called seeds or nuts)

– 1 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

– a little black Pepper

– 1 tsp Spirulina (Purium Spirulina)

Throw all ingredients in a Vitamix or blender and blend until smooth.  Pour over salad and enjoy!!  Can easily double the recipe.

Please feel free to leave a comment or share – thank you!!

Here’s to your health!!


Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating


Healthy eating means different things to different people.  It has become clear to me that it’s something I do every day and I love sharing with people who are interested..  I’ve been asked several times lately if I was going to get back into doing more recipes.  I was hesitant at first as I have a hard time writing things down, like the measurements of a recipe –  it takes great discipline.  I have the ability to walk in the kitchen and get creative and make up recipes as I go or look at one and modify it to what I want or what I have on hand.  I also realized that a lot of people don’t or can’t do that, so why not share.

I also wanted to be more frank and candid about my journey through my disordered eating and how I’ve been able to heal that addiction, my past and move forward being happy and being me.  Addiction to food is big in our society now a days – I want to touch on that and help people understand the benefits of eating healthier, incorporating more real, more fresh foods, more greens and more superfoods into their way of eating.  It doesn’t have to be hard,expensive, boring and time consuming.  Besides are you worth it?  I mean if you don’t take a little extra time or care with what you put in your body today, your body down the road will let you know.

I can speak from experience, after a 7 / 8 month in the film industry working long, some very long days, eating in many restaurants (trying to still eat healthy), or catering from food trucks and yes they had healthy dishes but always on the run, I was a bit burnt out, I was actually depleted.  I needed to be putting extra things into my body and when I’m out the door between 6 and 6:30 am and back anywhere from 7 – 8 pm at night some things slid.  It does catch up with you.

Strawberries-waterI’ve had some down time these past few weeks and wondering in what direction did I really want to take my life, how did I want to live and spend my time.  Nothing was really feeling right.  Then it all clicked and I knew deep in my soul what I wanted and needed to be doing – so I hope that you will stop by again and check out what’s coming up as my goal is to share healthy eating ideas, green, superfoods, raw & vegan recipes, inspiration from breaking free from emotional eating & some Photographs along the way!

Would love any feedback. Please feel free to share this!

Is there any idea or thing you may be struggling with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I’ve been doing healthy eating coaching for years. I love to help people make peace with healthy, real foods.

Eat Well. Live a Life YOU Love!


Day 2 Eating Healthier during the Holidays

Day 2 of the Giveaways is Goji berries……..they are loaded with lots of great things and are considered a superfood, can be eaten as a snack with some nuts or on it’s own, added in smoothies, granola bars and more .  Through the holidays, we can all use some extra good things to help with our health.

Leave a comment below or just introduce yourself to be part of the giveaways!

Here’s to your health!!