What is ENV2?

What is ENV2?

Encyclopedia salesmen hate Wikipedia.
And newspapers hate Craigslist.
And music stores hate iTunes.
And used bookstores hate Amazon.
And travel agents hate Travelocity.
And shoe stores hate Zappos.
And language teachers hate Rosetta Stone.
And colleges hate Great Courses.
And monks hated Gutenberg.
Guess what? Technology doesn’t care who you hate.
It’s going to keep moving forward.
Here’s a new addition to the list:
WordPress, Typepad, and Blogger are all going to hate Empower Network 2.0.
Looking forward to see how this change will affect you, I , my blogging etc and possibly the internet.
What do you use in your business??

US Government Shutdown??

US Government Shutdown??


I usually don’t watch or listen to the news as you can tell by the title it’s all good stuff!! lol

For me though, it’s just a reinforcement of why I love working for myself, being an entrepreneur and taking my future and my kids futures into my own hands…….there is NO security anymore.

We can and have the ability to create our own lives, how we want to live – BUT only if your truly think it, feel it and believe it!!

I hope you don’t think the government is there to take care of you?

Or that you will win the lottery and that will solve all your problems?

The divide is getting bigger between the rich and the poor – where are you and where will you be in a year, 2 years or 5 years?

Do something different today to move yourself towards a Life YOU Love to Live!!

Have an awesome day!!


Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

I believe very strongly that when it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction,

that things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey.

Brian Molko


What if I Told YOU to Dream…….

What if I Told YOU to Dream…….

What if I told you


What if I told you that whatever you dreamed of you could create it with ease in your life in 30 days? Anything you desired – you could dream about being successful, having a ton of money, having a lot of friends, having a hobby that you were amazing at, fun, travel, an amazing artist…….anything your heart truly desired……..

Would you worry about not doing it right, or changing your mind or putting yourself out there or making a mistake?

Would you worry about details or how it would turn out?

No matter what you dream – it can happen and you can change your mind any time as it will come in 30 days.

You could dream and dream and dream – you could create.

Well, your universe works in much the same way. Oh it may not be 30 days exactly that what you “dream” today (with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs) shows up in your world. It may be 3 days or 90 days. But it ALWAYS shows up.

And you can’t get it wrong…ever. You can only get better and better at it.

How much fun would that be?

What did you start a long time ago but abandoned for some reason, or mind chatter (not good enough etc) of buying into what everyone else was doing or thinking that you could or would love to be doing now?

Or better yet where did you stop before you even started?

Don’t let any weeds stop you – Go Dream NOW!!!

Dreams can and do come true!!

Thoughts or comments?



Inspirational Thought

Inspirational Thought

Inspirational Thought

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

Oscar Wilde





Your conscious desires and your subconscious expectations must align – if they don’t you could have subconscious beliefs that are working against you  – in any area of your life.

Ask yourself 3 questions:

1 – What do I want?

2 – What do I have?

3 – WHat thoughts or feelings must I have to create what I did?

Then knock anything out that doesn’t support you having your goals!!

Make it a great day!!




What makes you happy?  I mean really happy……..

……..for me sometimes it’s the simplest little things like catching my dog enjoying the morning view, the quietness, the smell of the ocean air and a good Americano…ok just me for that one! 🙂
There is nothing like having an early morning walk on the beach, in the sun, with one of your best buddies and no one really around…… peaceful and beautiful……one of my favorite things – and it’s Free!!

Toooooo many of us aren’t living our dreams as we are toooo busy living our fears!!!!!

What’s holding YOU back from really creating a Life YOU Love??!!

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I have spent this past week moving – new place – new beginnings……..sometimes life presents us with a new door to open and go through with ease.  I know for me I sometimes keep going to a door that has been closed or not opening try to force it open……maybe you have too.

Its a time that I am looking at a few things in my life that are working and are not and letting go of the things that aren’t and there is no right or wrong, just changing of the mind or New Beginnings.

A friend sent a great quote this morning I would love to share……

IF you continue to think the way you’ve thought… You’ll continue to feel the way you’ve felt… If you continue to feel the way you’ve felt… You’ll continue to do the things you’ve done… If you continue to do the things you’ve done… You’ll continue to get the things you’ve got… Got IT?!?!

Change YOUR Thinking… Change YOUR Life…

With a change of thinking comes a change in doing and therefore being……….

Have a great day!!!


Being Unstoppable

Being Unstoppable

Being Unstoppable

In my life experience so far, I have had many obstacles, walls and hardships come  my way. One of the best things I started doing was take responsibility for everything in my life – the good, the bad, the ugly oh and the great.  All of it was because of me – nothing outside of me.

I can say about myself is that I haven’t  always faced my obstacles  – I did play the blame game or played the victim, when I realized no matter what I am responsible things started shifting.  When I looked at my life and stepped into the fear of the unknown but had goals, stayed focused and took on the Unstoppable Attitude – things started shifting.

I share the photo (yes I took it) of the Eagle as it’s one of my favorite animals but if you ever have the chance to watch them they too have that attitude.  They fly the highest, are usually perched the highest  – approximately 1000 sq feet high in the air flying could spot prey in a 3 mile radius, have eye sight that can spot a rabbit moving about a mile away, can see forward and side ways at the same time, can see deep in the water fish from 100’s of feet above and can live to be about 48 years old.

Eagles have an Unstoppable Attitude – where in your life or business could you bring more laser focus, or the Unstoppable Attitude in?

Overcoming obstacles and stepping into your fears and knowing where you are going allows you to achieve your goals and dreams no matter what comes in your way!

Why not start Today!!??


Why Work From Home??

Why Work From Home??

Some people have that dream, some don’t and some don’t care either way – Most people though want more out of life but may be scared to make the changes needed.

Why work from home

I have had the pleasure of working on my own for several years now, but most of that was still trading time for money – I had my own little day spa, direct sales business, some teaching and coaching clients in EFT, healthy eating and Raw Foods, then I had a car accident that really woke me up to the fact if I can’t work well I don’t get paid  especially if I have my own business.

During some of that time I also dabbled yes dabbled in a few Network Marketing companies – made some money, lost some money, had some success, had some failures too, made some great friends, had some good experiences and learned a lot!!

I lost site of my dreams for awhile, life got in the way and so did a lot of crap – have to be honest here as my road hasn’t been paved all with roses lol

One day a fairly new friend asked me a couple of powerful questions that started me on the journey of not only getting back into Network Marketing but discovering who I really am and be.

This is what she asked me –

If time or money were not an issued – would you be doing and living like you are now?

If you had a monthly income of $50 000 – who would you be that you are not being now?

Do you have your Dream job with your Dream pay?

Are you living your Dream life?

If not for any of those, why not?   – which to all was a BIG FAT NO!!!!

And I couldn’t answer why not – this is life, this is a good as it gets and I’ve tried before I kind of half muttered back to her.

Really?? was all she answered ( and it wasn’t even about Network Marketing at the time)

Sounds like you are giving up or settling, is that true?  Which made me stop and ponder, as she was totally right.

Holy crap – she might have just smacked me across the face!! lol

I went through a very stressful time shortly before that conversation – having been an affiliate of a company and also working for them that got shut down without any notice – I lost both incomes, as the same time I was moving to new city where I knew no one and splitting up with my husband – ouch!!

I knew things had to change and it had to start with me if I wanted to create a different story – a better one for my life – and my kids.

Is working from home for everyone possibly, can everyone do it? It’s totally up to you – it does take time, effort and stepping out of one’s comfort zone, for some  learning new skills, creating relationships, believing in themselves, the product and company.

For me, I have always loved to have my freedom – not punching a clock for someone else, being told what I am worth, when I have to work, take a break or if I can attend my kids events.  I am lucky but also have worked for it.  If you have never considered the profession and you are unhappy with your current situation maybe it’s time.

I know for myself I couldn’t go back to being an employee or my old ways – so is it worth it? For me a BIG FAT YES!!!

For YOU?  Only You can decide that, and I will follow up with some good things to look for in a company, why I choose the one I did and more of my journey as I am getting closer to my dreams and dream life!!.

If you want to know more about why this profession is a better way check out Eric Worre’s latest book Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, he explains it well and some of the skills needed for success!!

Make it a great day!!!


If you are or have been looking to work from home – you can check out my page.

In the Moment

In the Moment

I went and had some fun at Italian Day where there was lots of music, food, sport cars and people!!

In the Moment

You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. – Joel Osteen

Part of being positive is being present as the present moment is all we have!!

Making a big life change can be scary – you know what is even scarier – REGRET!

Have a great day!!


PS  Now Tell me driving this wouldn’t be fun!!??